Scheduling for profit optimisation

The fundamental need of any appointment based service business is the optimisation of available resources. smartAPPOINTMENTSTM uniquely delivers optimised productivity and profitability through our  optimisation algorthym. 


Matching resources (vehicles, equipment, service provider skills) at a suburb level coupled with our appointment allocation algorthym delivers improved utilisation, reduced costs and therefore greater profits.


No shows and late cancellations greatly reduced through the system processes of communicating and confirming appointments with customers.


And for service providers, whether they be employees, sub-contractors or franchisees they are scheduled in the right area, inthe right vehicle and with their productivity in mind, reducing costs, travel times and double bookings. The system provides clear record of job income based on individual remuneration rules and integrated job completion processes ensures consistent service quality and customer experiences.


Universal Booking System and ERP

Multi-sales channel support

  • Call centre interface

  • Customer self service portal

  • Pricing and availability by Suburb and service provider

  • Discounts categories for affiliate sales

  • Cancellation and No show automation

  • Granular control for sms and email transactional communications for all sales channels

  • Intergrated payment gateways 

  • Package sales and voucher control

  • Service provider portal

  • Administration portal



Multi-service delivery support 

  • Employee service providers

  • Sub-contractor service providers

  • Franchisee service providers

  • Suburbs, travel, remuneration, availabilities and skills granular for each service provider

  • Resource definition granular for each service provider, Suburb and product




  • Customer data management

  • Customer Notes system

  • Email and sms communication system

  • Search query for key sales opportunities

  • Audit trail of communications




  • Customer ledger (Single cusotmer)

  • Customer Discount management

  • Corporate Client (many associated customers)

  • Service Provider ledger

  • Service provider remuneration configuration

  • Business receiveables, payables, vouchers, unearned income and ledger

  • No show and cancellation rules and accounting including voucher forfieture 

  • Integrated payment gateway



Fleet Management

  • Vehicle register and definition of suitability to product offerings

  • Vehicle critical data control

  • Service records

  • Job related log book

  • Income by vehicle

  • Granular control of availability to service providers, Suburbs and products



Risk Management

  • Granular user access control permissions

  • Quality Assurance processes for service providers

  • Auditing tools for process divergence, service provider fraud and operator error detection.

  • Automated reminders for customers and service providers

  • SSL and encrypted data

  • Critical service provider compliance data such as licenses, insurances and qualifications (industry cards etc)

  • Critical fleet management data such as registration expiry dates



We offer consulting services for the review of existing business processes, growth and profitability. 


Our recommendations significantly improve business performance.


As our software will inevitably offer scope that is not presently available to the organisation we will identify and provide the strategic direction to transform your business for the online environment.

Deployment and Training


Our extended support services for deployment and training ensures that system parameters and business process changes are optimised to achieve desired outcomes.


We provide project management and depending on the enterprises resouces flexibly scale implementation involvement and coordination with IT Department, Web Designers, Training Department and your Finance Department.



Notwithstanding the incredible feature list of the application we are able to scope and customise the application based on your specific requirements for integration with existing systems or other processes. 


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Product Variants

Driving School Manager

Driving School Manager is specifically customised for the driver education industry specifically dealing with complex zoning, transmission type matching and package deal sales. The industry engagement model typically involves contractors or licences and revenue is collected from multiple channels including, online sales, booking office, direct deposit and payments directly to the service provider. The solution also adapts for RTO use where services are provided in a class setting.

Driving Instructor Manager

Driving Instructor Manager is specifically customised for the driver education industry individual and independent driving instructors either operating as a sole trader or in small groups. The ability to centrally provide call centre and sales services works independently of the operators ability to manage their business and operations with this fully featured booking and ERP.

Universal Booking System and ERP

The Universal Booking System is suitable to any industry application where the key revenue activity is generated from an appointment based service. The application suits multi-sales channels and multi-distribution business models including employee, licencees, franchisees and contractor service delivery. Fully integrated supplier management including remuneration management and QA. Resource management and flexible service quoting and invoicing to facilitate upsell opportunities.



Rightway Driving School

Rightway Driving School

RAA Driver Education

RAA Driver Education

National Driving Academy

National Driving Academy

RACT Driver Training

RACT Driver Training

Coastwide Driving School

Coastwide Driving School

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Instep Driving School

Instep Driving School




About Us

Elpo Technology Pty Ltd is founded by Tony Commisso and together with Greg Abernethy have together developed a enterprise grade application solution for appointment based businesses in multi-industries. The need for this application arose from Tony Commisso's retirement from Deloitte in 2006 and his eventual pursuit of opportunities in Driver Education. 



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